Damage the Icon

Jon Wirth

There are no flags. In order to score you must damage your enemy's icon. Shooting or damaging the icon with grenades will award you a single point. The icon will reset after ten seconds. Detpacking the icon will give your team eight points. After detpacking the icon can be detpacked again immediately for additional points. The button across from the icon room will deactivate the lasers. The lasers stay down for thirty seconds and the button resets after thirty seconds. In order to damage the icon with standard weaponry (including grenades) you, or a teammate, must be inside the icon room. Detpacks will damage the icon reguardless of the room's occupants.

Screen Shots:

Red Courtyard

Red Button Room

Red Button and Icon Rooms

The Red Base

Blue Elevator Top

Blue Ramp Bottom

Blue Elevator Bottom

Blue Icon Room

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