Double Barrel - 07.08.04
Time for the bi-yearly update

2 new sites coming down the tube Ice Cold Racing and Thomas Engineering, Inc. The TE site is for an accident reconstruction and automotive engineer/testifier type guys. The racing site is for a drag racing team. If you haven't heard of them yet its just a matter of time. Of course I give slim odds of actually completing the TE site becuase the content is not going to be provided solely by me. Therefore it may never be put up. Come to think of it I think some one mentioned doing another AMC site lol. Any way peace.

Playtest Tonight/Strike Released - 02.17.04
Playtest tonight at 9 pm EST see This Thread for more info.

Additionally, I've decided to finalize Strike and release it. So check it out and download it from the maps section.

Maps Updated - 02.06.04
Added Strike and SSB to the maps section.

What's that smell? - 04.10.03
Summer is almost here. And Clandestine is coming up in STA 5v5. Thanks to Peregrine the bug that kept crashing clandestine and rime is toast. Rime final beta is in the works, as is ssb beta 3 which is essentially the final if all goes well. Additionally, Cannon is going to be reworked soon to give it a bit more playability in 8v8 9v9 games.

I'm thinking about a little site redesign too. Who knows what the lack of 40 hours of homework will motivate me to do.

Mapping Updates - 09.06.02
Some updates in the mapping section. Enjoy.

Sweet Jeebus, A News Post - 06.13.02
On the 3rd month aniversary of the site (purely coincedence, lol) I've done some reagranging. Gone are the days of the empty EXE catagory. We now have a MAPS section. In this section will be, brace yourself, Maps! This past week I've learned how to use Worldcraft and have been making some TFC maps. I will put some info on Cannon in there now, but you'll have to wait for all the info on Clandestine until later.

Cannon is in the 3rd beta and will go final just as soon as some mappers look at it and tell me it's not shit lol.

Playtests for Clandestine will be held next week or this weekend if they every put my server back up >=|

That is all.

I guess that really does it - 03.14.02
The splash image is done. So until any errors are spotted, that should do'er. Maybe I'll get a seperate domain sooner or later.

Future Plans - 03.14.02
The Arizona Masterworks Choral's Site is all but done. If they would get the damned information they want on their I would be rock & roll.

Also, Perhaps looking to do another flash project. Going to talk to Stephen about it. See if he's got anything to contribute with his 6 months of stewing behind him =P.

The Pwning First News Post - 03.13.02
Welp, I guess the site's done. If you notice any poor spelling or some other error let me know. Also, ty to Alan (Blur) for some quirky debugging help.

Working on a enter graphic of some kind. Until then, enjoy yourself.

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